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We Sharpen and set All Types off scissors and specialize in : Hairdressing and Salon Scissors Including Thinners , Dog Grooming , Dressmaking, Tailors , Medical and Theatre , Fabric, Hairdressers / Babur’s Clipper Machines We Service and Repair.

Knife Sharpening

We Sharpen and Repair all Knives Including : Chefs, Global , Kitchen And Household. Butchers , Abattoir , Hunting, Bush craft, ( not Scandinavian grind ) Circular meat slicers , Pizza slicers , Machetes

Garden Tools / Horticulture

We Sharpen Rotary Lawn mower blades, Secateurs ,Loppers, Hand Hedge Clippers, Long reach grass cutters , Lawn Edges, Strimmer Blades , Petrol/ Electric Hedge cutters , Mattocks, Bill Hooks, Pruning Saws, Spades, And Much More .

Wood Working Tools

Chisels , Gougers , Finger nail Gougers, Plane irons , Planer blades , All Hand Saws

Canine Clipper Blades / Dog Grooming

We Sharpen and Set all Dog Grooming Blades, Andis , Oscar, Wahl , Heinger, ( Quick Turnaround) All Dog Grooming Scissors , Nail Clippers

Equine Clipper Blades

We Sharpen All Makes of Horse Clipper Blades, and service repair all makes of clipper machines .

Clipper Blade Maintenance

We service Repair All Makes off Animal Clippers Including, Liveryman , Masterclip, Heiniger, Andis Oscar, Wahl.

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